A Hippocratic Oath for Technologists
  1. I will seek to Understand the ethical implications of the use of technology when making decisions
    • I will take into account the ethical implications of technology that I am aware of when making choices about technology creation.
    • I will seek to understand the ethical implications of technology for all stakeholders.
    • I will engage in deliberation as needed to understand the evaluation of benefits and harms as well as ethical practices with regards to the technologies I use and create.
  2. I will Tell the Truth
    • I will disclose to the best of my knowledge the potential benefits, disadvantages, risks and consequences of the technology.
    • I will not exploit ignorance or deceive others with regards to the capabilities, consequences and trade offs of technology.
    • I will appropriately inform the user and will allow the user to decide about the retention and use of personal data and user privacy in the design of technology.
    • I will be truthful and transparent about my positions and stakes with regards to my professional networks, conflicts of interest, and motivation.
    • I will acknowledge the contributions of others by giving credit where credit is due.
  3. I will Act Responsibly
    • If asked to do something i find ethically objectionable, I will refuse.
    • If asked to work on a project or develop a technology that I have an ethical issue with I will refuse to do so and disclose my analysis.
    • If I observe any error or misdeed, I will address it.
    • Should I witness any misdeed or potential ethical violation with a technology I shall first address and remedy it with the responsible entity. However should it prove impossible to resolve directly, I shall draw the attention of the appropriate authorities to the case.